Friday, October 3, 2008

A Woman's Place is on the Roof!

Melinda's sister Maj (Mary Alice Johnson) stopped by yesterday to help winter-prep the house. She is a great project organizer - brave enough to jump into any home construction project... Yesterday was an exterior prep-and-seal day to look for potential cold air and water leaks. While I'm normally fine up on the roof, there have already been repairs to rotted-out beams, and I didn't want to risk any more damage, so left the work to the lightweights! I had "Jack Patrol" (Maj and Jeff's 7 month-old puppy) and ground-based go-fer duties. Shown are Maj and Melinda sweeping off the summer's accumulation of leaves and branches, then my little "tar baby" after a spell of asphalt sealing gaps and cracks.

Exterior house work was finished about lunchtime, and the effort degraded into gardening - pulling plants for the burn pile. So now the house exterior is mostly winter-ready. Maj also helped us with the winterizing plan for closing down the house when we head to Tucson in a few weeks. With the highs barely into the 60s here those 90s in Tucson sound pretty good!

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