Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring Is Interrupted for this Wintry Break!

Returned home late Saturday from an excellent Ebertfest film festival - likely in an upcoming blog post. Then awoke Sunday morning for falling snow! My immediate reaction was to go out to catch some Spring flowers in a fresh coating of snow, but it didn't stop! It literally snowed all day, nearly to sunset. A nice, slushy snow just perfect for snowballs!

I went out a number of times to catch the flowers, mostly daffodils and blue scilla as the snow blanketed them. The crocus are long finished, and there wasn't much else around in my yard. But it kept falling and falling... I wouldn't have dreamed enough would come down to bury everything, but then it did!

By late in the day it had slowed, and even stopped for periods, but then picked up. I figured there was about 6" of accumulation, but the official St Charles numbers were than 8.3" had fallen! In the scilla shot at left, you might spot my footprints as I tromped through the scilla patch. And at right a red trillium is barely recognizable in its blanket...

The next morning dawned clear and bright. The weatherman advised that "you can shovel the snow yourself, or wait a few hours for nature to do it for you"! Sure enough, temps in the 50s erased all but a few bits by mid-afternoon!  At left is the view of the Fox River from my back yard, and at right, Canadian Geese footprints preserved in snow...

I perhaps should have done a time-lapse of the snow disappearing, but was content just recording the flowers re-appearing after the 24-hour blanket of snow had dissipated. All indications are that the Winter break was brief and Spring's arrival will now continue!