The team gathers at Carl's Saturday morning.

Dean Jesse displays this year's jersey.

The journey west - tall corn, windmills, big sky.

The dilemma: a flat - bottomed tire.

Superman arrives with the right tools.

Too many supervisors!

We finally reach our "Field of Dreams" in Sioux City.

Rusty is jazzed for a bike ride!

Rusty makes a minor adjustment...

Brad and Jo do their thing!

Dinner is on - chef Jo needs a beer!

Team Toad hitches a ride over the first mile of gravel.

Mile 0 for RAGBRAI 2010 in the 'burbs of Sioux City!

A postcard sunset over Storm Lake.

Windmill sunset over Storm Lake.

Enjoying the view.

Planet Venus and city lights come out at dusk.

Traffic delay behind windmill blade  bigger than you realize!

The "night of perpetual light" at the YMCA in Algona.

Carla and JoAnna check the route to Clear Lake.

Terry and Angie meet up with baby Tanner in Clear Lake.

Smootch from Mom!

Tanner is the hit of the party!

Ride hard - rest hard!

Brad the master griller, on pork night - Clear Lake.

A pause before finishing - random bikers at Clear Lake.

The last mile or two - random cyclists coming into Clear Lake.

Lookin' good three days in - Carla toes!

Carla needs shades to block the glare from her lime green jacket!

"The Studlies" morning briefing.

Di and Rusty leave the ride with a family emergency.

Charles City group shot.

Another grassy yard...

Host Scott talks to Brad about the koi pond he built.

Another pond view with koi and fish charis visible.

Quite the backyard spread in Waterloo!

Oliver, the boy with a thousand questions and boundless energy in Manchester.

Bike hard - rest hard - no wait, Carl sagged that day!  Nice shady spot for a nap, though...

Terri and lil' Billy (first went on RAGBRAI at 6!) stop by for a visit in Manchester.

Dean and Maggie Jesse showing off their RAGBRAI tatoos.  Determining which calf is which will be an exercise for the viewer.

Donna, another former Toad member, stops by for a visit.  Still rides with her vanity plate on her bike!

Patty texts before the start of the last day!

Patty and Mike await the starting gun.

Cale and Terry about to put rubber to road.

Last day - a good reason to be smiling!