Monday, October 27, 2008

Exit strategy - target date 10/28/08

The parties are behind us, and now we are getting serious about packing things and preparing to hit the road. One of the tasks is emptying the fridge. Last evening we had Rita and Marty Scobey over for dinner. It was "use up the frozen chicken breasts" night! It was fun to have them here, and nice to share that time with them. The rest of the fridge contents are going today (we want to unplug the fridge and prop the doors open while we're gone) - so dinner tonight is at a restaurant. Actually, Carolyn is taking us out to dinner this evening, which will be fun! Maj is coming over later today to take whatever we can give her from the fridge. I hope she likes jam!

We have reserved/rented a car dolly to tow the Jeep on - behind the van. Mind you, the van is 20 years old and has 307,000 miles on it! It's a total iron horse of a vehicle though! It runs like it's new, and has a lot of power! We talked to the Jeep dealership this morning, to find out if towing the Jeep (4WD) is 'okay' to do. We got the info we needed, and the thumbs up from them. We'll pick up the dolly tomorrow morning. I just pray to God that we have an uneventful trip!

We have various people lined up (neighbor, sister, property caretaker) to check in on the house, frequently, and feel that all will be well here. We still need to put the feeders away for the winter, as well as other outside tasks that need to be done at this time of year anyway.

I would imagine that I should get myself in gear and get moving on what I need to do today (still need to find one more box, I think, to pack things in)! It's really going to be strange to leave here. I know Dean is looking forward to getting back to Tucson. Every day he tells me (about 10 times a day) what the current temperature is, in Tucson! We'll probably put in another entry tonight - as the clock is ticking on our move!

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