Thursday, October 23, 2008

Status: Currently unemployed

Well, I'm finished at Delnor - and yes, there were tears involved! It started with buddy from PM shift, Scarlet, hugging me good-bye at 11:25pm last evening; and ended with saying "farewell" to Rita (30 year friend who I have worked with every Monday night of my career) in the hallway at 8am this morning. In that time in between there were lots of hugs, plenty of tears, and also some great laughs! It's hard to say good-bye to friends you've been with through all of the ups and downs of their (and your) life - friends who have made each life event even more special by being there to phyiscally support you and who you have been there to help and support during their times of need. I was reminded this morning, by friend Julie ("Jules") of when she had her last child (now out of college). I was her labor and delivery Nurse that night and she said how nice it was to have a friend taking care of her at that crucial time of her life. I distinctly remember Julie's delivery of Kirsten. It's nice to know that she remembers me being there with her, too! "The girls" and I have been through a LOT together - births, deaths, surgeries, cancers, marriages, and divorces. I feel so fortunate to have friends like them, and to have memories so dear! Of course, we'll still keep in contact - but it won't be the same as being sure of seeing Rita every Monday night, or Susan every Sunday and Tuesday. I will get to spend time with most of them, again, this coming Saturday night at the "going away party". I'm sure there will be more tears then, as well. I'm feeling up for a new adventure though, now, and the plans for our departure to Tucson are quickly underway! We've just reserved a "car dolly" to tow the Jeep. We'll pick that up next Tuesday morning, and should be on the road soon thereafter! Now to make some calls and get things squared away here before the exit.....

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