Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Weekend Approaches!

The forecast for St Charles is for a fantastic weekend - beautiful blue sky and Indian Summer temps approaching 80F. Driving through town you can see preparations going on for the local big fall celebration - The Scarecrow Festival, an orgy of food, entertainment, crafts and carnival rides. Unfortunately, we will miss it all - our plans are to fly southeast to Columbia, South Carolina tomorrow to visit the first in-laws - Vicki's mom Betty, sister Donna, Niece Shannon, nephews Asher (and maybe Eric), great niece Hayes, and great nephew Cort. We are meeting former Tucson friend Roger Ceragioli, who now lives in Vancouver, BC, who will be doing research on some telescope lenses from the 19th century located in museums there. It will be great to see him and all the relatives, and take in some of that southern hospitality. Talking to Betty tonight, she tells us that the South Carolina State Fair started today, so we have a chance to take that in this weekend too. There is also an opportunity to observe with an antique telescope - a 23" refractor from the 1880s located near Greenville, SC, but the weather forecast there looks iffy into the weekend. It will still be a great time!

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