Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of sweets, lots of love!

Once again, the NewLife Maternity Center (from Delnor) has done a bang up job of sending someone off! This time, I was the recipient of the party, and the girls outdid themselves! They hosted an 'open house' at our favorite, local, sports pub restaurant - "Rookies" - from 2pm - 6pm yesterday (October 25th). Dean and I arrived just before 2pm and didn't leave until after 8pm! The girls started arriving around 2pm or so, and it seemed that they just kept coming. At the peak of the gathering we had 20 or so (mostly night shift, though some from other shifts). Friend, Laurel, was in charge of bringing "the sweet table"! Seriously! She brought my favorite carrot cake, as well as cupcakes, cookies, and blueberry scones. We all ordered food from the menu, and then had the sweet table for dessert. It was so much fun to spend relaxing time with my friends from work! The gift that the department gave me was quite a surprise! They had a star named after us, and gave us the associated paper work to go with it - as well as two ornaments with the coordinates engraved on the ornaments. Very often the stars you 'purchase' and name are very faint, and difficult to find/see. However, this one is in the constellation Cygnus (the swan - Delnor has two resident swans in it's lake in front of the hospital), and it appears that it's a bright enough star to pick out and find! The paperwork included a star chart to aid in the finding of the star. In addition to that - they also gave me a fluffy travel blanket, and two blankets that have a solar backing on them (for Dean and I) - as they put it "we want you to stay warm when you're out observing!!" Many of the friends brought individual gifts, each as dear as the next (a beautiful candle holder, a collection of picture frames, a handmade Arizona turquoise bracelet, etc. ) and many, many cards! In addition to all of this, included in the card from the department was a generous monetary gift. I always get a bit overwhelmed when faced with being the center of attention and gifts, and I definitely felt that way yesterday! Later in the party my sisters and brother-in-law, Jeff, arrived to join in. Today is sister Maj's birthday and we planned that my going away party would 'morph' into her birthday party. Traditionally, my sisters and I go to Rookies for "all you can crab legs" to celebrate our birthdays. We haven't done that with the last few birthdays that have snuck up on us, and so it was even more important that we do it this time - as I will be missing two birthdays in the next 6 months. So, what started as one party at 2pm, ended as another party about 8pm! Work friends Rita and Wendy (and Wendy's daughters, and Rita's son) stayed for the crab leg frenzie, and we had fun up until the very end!

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