Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last night at Delnor

Tonight will be my last night at Delnor, where I have worked since December 18,1978. I went to work there the day after I graduated from Nursing school, having been hired by the most memorable Judy Smith. I could write this entry much like a resume, but instead will say that while I've sometimes had a 'love/hate' relationship with the hospital - it's been a mainstay of my life for many, many years. Not only have I taken care of moms who were born at Delnor when I was just starting, but I work with Nurses who I took care of when they were born there! Oddly, when I first started at Delnor I planned on staying 'a couple of years' and then moving on. It's now time to 'move on'. I'll miss working with the friends that I have there, but we'll still be friends and plan times to get together. Dean asked if I wanted to go out to dinner tomorrow night, to celebrate the end of my working at the hospital. I told him that sounded fine, as long as I had stopped crying by then! I'm sure that tomorrow morning will be 'emotional' - unless we have one of those hellish nights which has always made me want to say "I QUIT!!"
Sisters Susan and Maj, with me at the Special Care Reunion 2003

Theme: "Born in the USA"
artwork: Maj Williams and Melinda Ketelsen

Drs. Oak and Mehta (Neonatologists) with
the first SCN graduate, Eric.

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