Friday, October 17, 2008

The Way We Were...

First the news - Melinda had a job interview over the phone yesterday and after talking to the nursing supervisor for an hour (!), then the personnel people to determine experience and pay grade, she got a call this morning with a job offer! On 10 November she will be working at the University Medical Center NICU (neo-natal intensive care) floor, with a higher base pay than she gets here. The advantages are many - we only live a couple miles away and she will get on-the-job training that will allow her to advance in her field. She has never worked 12 hour shifts, but even working full time, will always get 4 days off per week. Since the University instituted a hiring freeze last week, I may not get back into the Mirror Lab as planned, so it is nice that one of us will be working!

In her recent interviews she has reviewed her nearly 30 years of nursing experience, all at the same hospital (it will be 30 years in December). So to celebrate, presented here is an image of a fresh-faced nursing student graduate who has never been unemployed in her life. Next Wednesday is her last night of work here, and the party is the 25th of October at Rookies, a local sports bar. Stop in from 2-6pm if you are local to St Charles!

And for equal-time coverage, the following year (1979) I moved down to Tucson from Iowa to start work at the Kitt Peak National Observatory. This picture was taken a year later than the above, in the fall of 1979. At that moment, we were living and working nearly 2,000 miles apart, unaware of the convergence and conjunction that would occur 29 years later!

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