Friday, October 24, 2008

Ketelsen Sibling Visit

Melinda's going-away party is Saturday (25th) and we had invited some of my family to attend, but they were concerned about spending any quality time during a group function, so sisters Linda (with husband Lauren) and Kathy and brother Brian took the day off and drove out to visit for an afternoon. They met us and best friend Carolyn at Rookies for a great lunch before heading out to the cabin in the woods. It was great catching up and talking about the good old days.

Back in the day when I travelled back to visit the folks, I was always amazed when they would sit around the kitchen table and catch everyone up on the latest gossip about the sister of the neighbor, who married cousin Bob and worked down at the bank in town. It seemed like they knew everyone in the county. My eyes would always glaze over, but then today we did the same thing ABOUT PEOPLE I ACTUALLY KNEW!

After chatting a couple hours, impressing them with how well our cats behaved, and really, letting them check out the house for the first time, we gathered everyone in their van and took them out for a walk in the local forest preserve. Fall colors are past their peak, but it was still pretty and not too cold for a bit of an amble. Fortunately it waited for us to finish before some rain moved in. My sister Kathy, always the prepared one, had actually made some apple bars that we enjoyed before they took off for parts west about dark. We're not sure we'll be back this holiday season, so it may be a while till we see them again. We were glad they were able to make the trip out.

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