Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday in the woods

We're getting a late start of the day today, both of us having slept later than usual this morning.

Last evening we enjoyed having our cousins, Lisa and Dan Miller, and dear friend Carolyn Hines, over for dinner. I had to work Friday night, so had to get some sleep yesterday. Dean did all of the work for our little 'dinner party', including the cleanup! He grilled pork loin on the grill (it's really the best way to cook it), and we had side dishes of glazed carrots, grilled asparagus, and potatoes au gratin. For dessert it was Dean's home made chocolate cheesecake. All was as good as it sounds, and we had a fun evening! We even had a fire in the fireplace, which always adds to the coziness. Lisa and Dan have two dogs (we blogged about them earlier in the summer, when we had dinner at their house), but enjoyed the concept of "dinner and a show" (cats screaming and brawling at various times through the evening) here.

Lisa and Dan are both genealogists and have been researching their families. I was able pass along a folder of information from Lisa's mother's side of the family, and was glad that she was happy to receive that information.

Today is "Sunday at the movies". We haven't been for a few weeks, so it will be fun to go be entertained, munch on popcorn, and sip on sodas!

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