Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Bruce News!

We posted about a month ago how our "pet" groundhog we fondly call Bruce had reappeared. Click here to review that post. At that time we would only see him at certain times of the day, mostly during twilight. Likely he was put off by daytime activities here and even now, the sight of us makes him scurry off to his hole in the ground next to the structure just north of us.

With shorter days and the definite hint of fall in the air he can be seen almost any time of day. These pictures were taken about 11am as he puts on weight for the winter hibernation. I even saw him out feeding at 10pm Sunday night as I was moving the garbage cans out for Monday pickup. If you go back and review the pictures from the above post, he looks like a baby in the earlier pictures compared to now - he really is packing on weight. Watching him carefully, he grazes for a few seconds, then, head up, he chews while keeping an eye out. He doesn't seem to discriminate much between grass or dandelions - it all seems good to him. I'm going to continue to try to get closer to him and get some better photos before he disappears for the winter. Stay tuned! Imaged with the Meade 80mm F/6 APO(480mm focal length) and Canon XSi.

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