Sunday, October 12, 2008

And fun was had by all....

We haven't posted in a day or so - and we will catch up with that! We have been, however, enjoying our visit in Columbia. Dean will blog after we return to St. Charles tomorrow, and will include pictures from The State Museum, as well as our day trip to Charleston today. Right now, though, we are getting things packed - relaxing a bit - and readying to head off to bed. I'm including a 'teaser' picture - and the source of our blog title for tonight..... While we were at Patriot Point in Charleston today we toured the aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown. Just before heading down the walkway to the ship we enjoyed glimpsing at the joys of being "little" again! No, these children weren't with us - but we enjoyed watching them 'ride the cannon' anyway! Be sure and look for more from Dean tomorrow!

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