Monday, October 27, 2008

Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out!

Fall has hit really hard lately. I don't think we've had a hard freeze yet, but it has gotten close. Interestingly, when I've told Melinda the current Tucson temps (highs around 90!) she said she would sort of like to see it snow before we head off. Weather lately has cycled frequently from perfectly blue skies to heavy low overcast. And wouldn't you know, about 3pm this afternoon, we had a blizzard for about 8 minutes! You could barely see across the river! They were huge flakes, aggregates about an inch diameter, perfect for trying to catch on your tongue, as Melinda demonstrates...

Spending any time outside, you hear a lot of honking, and when you look up, more often than not, you see our compatriots heading south.

Time to join them - we hit the road tomorrow!