Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Interesting picture and some ramblings...

Melinda here! I thought I would do the nightly post. This picture is one of Dean's, and I especially like the almost ghostly quality of the Bubble nebula. Perfect for this time of year (nearing Halloween)! Click on the picture to enlarge really is beautiful!

As many are aware, we will be heading off to Tucson in the very near future. We are, of course, 'escaping'/avoiding the winter weather after enjoying the beautiful Fall season in St. Charles. I will be leaving my current job, which I have had for 30 years, and have planned to work for a travel Nurse agency. They haven't been very productive in finding employment for me, however. This has been a source of great anxiety to me, especially in the current state of the economy. Veering off of that plan, I decided to see what I could do to find a job in Tucson. After checking websites of the local hospitals there I applied (on line) to two that I think seem to have what I am looking for. I sent off my applications/resumes last evening and began the 'waiting game'. Lo and behold, I received a phone call this morning from one of the hospitals! They are interested in me, and have set up a telephone interview with me for tomorrow afternoon! My anxiety level is dropping, to say the least. All fingers and toes are crossed for a good interview, and a job offer!
After writing the nightly post I thought I should check to see the status of obtaining my Arizona Nursing license (the key to employment). I received my fingerprint card last week and immediately went to the police department to have them done and sent back to the Arizona Board of Nursing. When I have checked the status, previously, it said that no license had been issued. Tonight, much to my delight, they have issued a temporary license in my name! The permanent license will be issued once my fingerprints have cleared the FBI search. But, with a temporary license I can now work as a Nurse in Arizona! WooHoo!! With each bit of news the anxiety is falling like the leaves from the trees!


Tuguldur said...

did you take the picture yourself? what equipment did you use?

and good luck for the interview! :)

Dean said...

The image is heavily cropped from 30 minutes of exposure with my C-14 plus Hyperstar (660mm focal length, F/1.9) The original FOV showed the star cluster M52 and a couple other HII regions. Will show more images once we return to Tucson.