Sunday, August 24, 2008

We haven't forgotten to blog!

We haven't forgotten to blog, we've just been so busy! Dean will write later (or tomorrow) and include pictures.

Saturday night we had dinner with cousins Lisa and Dan Miller (Melinda's cousin) at their home in Villa Park, IL. Lisa and Dan are always fun, and it was great to spend a casual evening with them! Lisa made killer burgers (a great Paula Deen recipe that she found that included cheese mixed in with the meat), different (but good) potato salad, and sweet corn (with Dan's own concoction of olive oil and secret spices mixed in). To top off the meal we had ice cream with a choice of sauces! They have a traditional Chicago bungalow, built in the 1920's - and it resonates charm, coziness, and comfort! They have maximized the assets of the house - uncovering hardwood floors, adding lighting to fit the period of the home, and furnishing with family - as well as purchased - antiques. I could live there forever. Lisa and I were born one day apart, and we are alike in so many ways. Lisa and Dan both have intense music and theatrical backgrounds - and have many plays, musicals, and singing groups "under their belts". They are always a joy to visit with, and we look forward to them coming out to our house for dinner soon! I can't forget to add a note about Lisa and Dan's dogs - a herding dog named Harlequin (Quin) who is so sweet and loves to be near; and a schnauzer/Chihuahua mix - Natasha (Tasha) who is more cat than dog. She loves being fussed over, and loves pleasing everyone! She also is quite the redecorator - rearranging the pillows on the couch while we ate dinner in the dining room!

Today we went to the Arlo/Alva Ketelsen families reunion. I will let Dean blog about that! Needless to say, we ate well today too! We had perfect weather, and a great time, as we always do!

This was a weekend with family, which is always the best way to spend a weekend!

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