Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Floaties and Fuzzies

While I usually image macroscopic objects presented to me (birds, events, people, astronomical objects), this weekend I had a few "mini" objects of attention. At the reunion at my Aunt Velma's farm sunday, they had an apple tree where the fruit was, shall I say, a bit past ripe. The tree was the center of a huge cluster of butterflies feeding off the soft flesh of the apples. Suitably distracted, I was able to get quite close to them and try imaging them. There were at least 4 types, but these two were a little less shy. I went on-line in an attempt to identify them but found it difficult at best.

My new camera (Canon XSi) has "live view" which shows the live image on screen, so you can hold the camera at arm's length and yet compose and assure good focus before pushing the button. It really works great for these sort of objects.

Similarly, a little earlier that afternoon, one of the youngsters found a fuzzy caterpillar (actually 2 of them) and I got a couple shots off on that pair, plus another I saw the next morning in St Charles. This is the time of year that you see these, so will keep an eye out - these are certinly interesting specimens...

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