Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kitty Update

It is a rare computer session when Sugarpants doesn't come spend some one-on-one time with us. Here he is checking Melinda's e-mails for spelling errors, and comments that our blog "doesn't include enough kitty news".
Actually, the cats we brought up with us from Arizona were my lap cats, and their behavior has changed in subtle ways. After 6 weeks Marley is still not getting along with Melinda's 2 cats and allows himself to be chased into the guest room where he spends a lot of time under the bed. When we are around, however, he is very comfortable hanging out with us and is always within our reach on the sofa during TV-time. So he is our living room lap cat... Sugarpants mostly hangs out in the sunroom ("computer room") and kitchen and bonds with us in those areas. He gets along fine with Annie and Atticus, but still has his part of the house where he hangs out. Neither of Melinda's two are lap cats, though Annie sometimes "passes thru" and says hi - she is quite the talker - really the only one who uses her voice on a regular basis... Atticus is your standard cat and mostly only pays attention to you when it is feeding time!

The photo also shows a little more of our view from the sunroom - looking out at the grounds of the church camp here where we live, with the Fox River about 50 yards away.

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