Sunday, August 31, 2008

Project Progress!

We jumped on our weekend project first thing - at the break of midday - hey, it is sunday, after all! I made a run for some tile spacers in the morning and Melinda set up her new favorite power tool - a wet tile saw! We quickly finished trimming out the remaining tiles and took a quick lunch break.

With the afternoon Cubs game on in the background (they ended up losing to Philadelphia), we troweled on the adhesive and put the tiles back on the way we had trimmed it out in the morning. The only problem we had was that the slate tiles have some significant thickness differences, but it is what it is... The grout will take up some of the difference, but still, some are quite a bit higher than others. We ended up with something like 2 6X6" tiles left, so not many left to choose from! Mostly we chose and positioned tile with the prettiest colors and patterns, and the resultant hearth looks stunning, if we say so ourselves!

Of course, the Southwest is the center of mexican tile decor, and seeing how straightforward this was, Melinda has thoughts of tilework in the kitchen, bathrooms, and what the heck, the rest of the floors there that aren't already tiled... This project will see grout in a couple days, trim the carpet back, and we can file this project finished - back to window glazing for the labor day holiday tomorrow!

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