Sunday, August 3, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Chicago is a baseball-crazy town with the Cubs currently leading the league and the White Sox doing well the last few years as well. But attending one of those events take a lot of planning and is expensive, so last night we tried an alternative - minor league ball!

Less than 10 miles from our place in the woods, Elfstrom Stadium is the home of the Kane County Cougars (affiliated with Oakland As). The saturday night game was a big deal. Joined by Melinda's sister Susan and her friend Roger, though we arrived 40 minutes early, we had to park a good quarter mile away and we got close to the last tickets in the grandstand. There were plenty of gaps in the crowd, likely from no-shows from season tickets, but paid attendance was later announced to be over 13,500. And being that it was a summer weekend, there were fireworks, in addition to skydivers!

The Cougs jumped out early and never looked back, handily beating the Western Michigan Whitecaps 5-2. It was an exciting offensive game with bases loaded on several occasions. After the skydivers and fireworks, several thousand stayed after to "run the bases", with both sliding and walking on the grass prohibited! Still, the kids had a great time with all the promotions keeping their attention thru the game. And best of all, 2 tickets and 2 trips to the snack bar for food and adult beverages cost the 2 of us less than $60! Would I go again? You bet!

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