Thursday, August 21, 2008

Close to Home

In a few of our recent posts, Melinda told about our "busy work" of reglazing the windows in our sunroom - or as they call them in Arizona, the "Arizona room" (usually a room that is an enclosed carport or added-on room that doesn't have AC or heat...). Anyway, most of these wood-framed windows have missing and cracked glazing, and it needs replacement before cold weather arrives. It is very labor-intensive. While the cracked stuff comes out pretty easily, the putty in reasonable condition has to be chiseled out and replaced. Unfortunately, in the process, we've fractured a few panes as well, so we are seeing all sides of replacing glazing and glass... We've found our respective skillsets... Melinda is good at the patient digging out of the old putty and smoothing out new glazing, I'm good at breaking window panes, applying new glazing from the tubes, and cleanup after the new stuff sets up overnight. We've been working at it an hour or two every day, and I think we're over half done with the sunroom.

A couple years ago when I spent my first summer here, I don't think there was a time when I didn't go down near the river and see herons and egrets. Sometimes you would see over a half dozen at a time, fishing in the then-low river. The river has been deeper since and this year they have been positively scarce, so it is a real surprise when you look out and see them walking slowly along the bank looking for fish. I "caught" this one a few days ago thru our window looking past the canoes of the camp. Back in June, we watched one in our then-flooded yard catch a 15" long carp and seemingly impossibly swallow the thing before flying off - I wish I had my camera handy then!

Last week with the bright moon in the sky we had some pretty clear nights and I walked out and took a couple time exposures of the river. Here you can see the big dipper over the Fox, barely made out from the light dome from Elgin to the north. Will try it again in a few days with the moon gone to see if it stands out any more. This is a 20 second exposure with the 10-22mm zoom with the XSi. Be sure to click on the imge to see the full-scale image.

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