Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Heavy Weather

We had quite the storm come thru last night! It was just about 7:30 when the darkening clouds and rolling thunder prompted us to check out the weather channel on TV and local radar on the internet. There was a nasty big storm headed right at us! The TV said winds approaching 80mph were in the area before we lost power, and from what I saw I would not disagree. While we had flashlights available, Melinda had something even better - a collection of kerosene lanterns that she broke out. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish cooking dinner that I had just started cooking on the electric stove. We figured we could have heated up something on the gas grill outside, but it was raining pretty heavily, plus, we were not much in danger of starving... She eventually had to leave for work before 10pm and I stayed up reading by the light of my LED flashlight.

On her return home this morning, she said there were lots of trees down, but power was on only a mile to the south. She heard a report that almost 200,000 were without electricity. As of lunchtime we are still out at home, and I'm filing this from the gym where temps are comfy (muggy outside!), and I can take a shower (can't at home yet). More later!

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