Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Still impaired by the storm

Wow, those storms packed a punch! There happened to be several tornados in the area that touched down locally, though we did not suffer any damage at the camp. I did, however, have to drive partially through a ditch to go around a tree in the road on my way home from work yesterday morning. We got our power back at 3pm yesterday, while I was talking to ComEd on the phone! Of course, the water gets to our house via an electrical pump - so we didn't have water through the day, until the power came back on. It was nice to have water, lights, and a/c again! However, we are still without TV and internet - as the cable company has yet to restore their signal. I was on the phone, on hold, for 40 minutes last evening -- without getting a human to talk to. I'm hoping that it will be restored by morning, as I really don't enjoy complaining. We watched a movie last evening, "Monsoon Wedding" - as the TV works fine with the DVD player. It's a sort of "My Big Fat Indian Wedding" type of movie. It was fun!

My sister's have made a trek across Iowa to visit our sister-in-law, Marsha (who Dean and I visited with before the start of RAGBRAI), in Omaha. I hope they have a fun week with her!

Here's to hoping we get the internet back soon!

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