Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daily edits...

While I don't tend to post much, especially during the week, I am involved in the routine editing and layout of our page. It's with those edits, this evening, that Dean has cast his vote to remove the "Dancing Matt" video from the bottom of the page. I could only agree to that if I could include a link to "Where in the Hell is Matt?" somewhere else on the page. I still enjoy watching the video and hope that you have watched it more than once yourself. The link to the video is in the right hand bar, under the topic of "Links we enjoy and use" - so take 5 minutes and give it a watch, if you haven't done so lately. It's always a warm fuzzy for your soul!

Dean's Cocoon nebula picture is great today, isn't it?! I like his photography more than I what I see on APOD on any given day - but then I may be a bit biased. I have to give him great kudos in figuring out an html question that we've both been having! We are learning so much, and improving our computer skills, with this blog. Who knew it would be so much fun!

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