Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday stuff...

It's Thursday morning and Dean is off to the gym for his daily workout! I'm a bit lazier (a bit??), and am opting to stay home and work on windows after I finish here. We managed to crack four windows while reglazing, so far. I'm going to work on getting the cracked windows out and the new ones in place. It's a pitfall working with glass, it cracks easier that thought.

Today is the first day that it looks like we could get some rain, in over a week! I'm hoping it will pour! I love having flowers and plants outside - but I hate watering them. It seems like we should have enough rain to take care of that.

Since I had last night off, today is one of our "let's go to the movies!" days. We're taking our dear Carolyn along with us this afternoon, too! She's making excellent progress in her recovery from her stroke, and at this point you would not know that she had one - unless you know her well! She's stil having some double vision, which makes it impossible for her to drive. We'll pick her up from her salon appointment, and then off to the movies we shall go! We're really wanting to see the new Woody Allen movie - but the time won't work well for us today. Instead we'll be seeing "Tropic Thunder", which has gotten some very good reviews. We have a few other movies on our lists of "I want to see that!" - so we have lots to see in the near future.
It seems like I should be adding some pictures in here - though all of the recent pictures are on Dean's computer! Given that I don't have anything nearly entertaining that I've taken recently, here's a picture from my archive - of sorts. It's actually a picture my father took after he returned home from the South Pacific (WW2). He brought home a grass skirt, from "the islands", for his niece - Tish. It's a favorite picture of mine - so here it is to share!
I should get busy on that glass. I would hate for Dean to get back home and I'm still sitting at the computer! I'm sure we'll post our review of the movie when we get home!

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