Friday, August 15, 2008

Long weekend - Friday

I don't make much of an appearance on here during the work week, so Dean told me "You need to blog this morning!"

It was a busy week at work, and I'm glad to be off a few days! Our friend, Carolyn, is home from the hospital and I've been stopping by to visit her in the morning on my way home from work. She's doing so much better since being at home (of course).

Today, I think I'll work on more windows. We haven't worked on in them in a week or more, and it's oddly fun to chip away the old glazing (much like peeling a sunburn). Since we have to replace some panes of glass, we have measurements to take for those, etc.

Sunday we have plans to go to the Chicago Air & Water Show. I've never been to it, so it will be a first for both of us! Living in the Chicago suburbs for most of my life you would think that I would have spent more time in Chicago. But, like most people out in "the boonies", we just don't take the time to "go downtown".

Sitting in the sun room while using the computer provides some interesting views, on occasion. Just now was such an occasion! We see hummingbirds in this area from time to time, but since we don't have feeders out they are definitely little surprises when we do see them. A female Ruby-throated hummer has just been feeding on the flowers near
the cars, and in front of the house. Of course, Dean always has a camera ready to go and he quickly handed me one with a zoom lens at the ready. I think these are the two best of the lot ~

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Andrew Cooper said...

Thanks for the hummer pics. That is one thing I miss over here in Hawai'i, no hummers! In Tucson we couldn't walk through the yard without seeing or hearing an Anna's or Black Chinned. We had planted hummer friendly flowers and when the fruit trees dropped windfalls I would leave them on the top of the compost pile to encourage fruit flies. You could watch hummers zooming back and forth above that rotten fruit for hours.