Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday with The Ketelsen's

This is a "working weekend", though not my weekend to work. The house is begging for attention, and I've been planning on glazing windows for years. Today we started! Of course, I've only reglazed one or two windows ever - and Dean has never done it. We're definitely learning to do this together. We have completed two windows, and they are drying before we bring them in to rehang. I keep thinking that there must be an easier way (that doesn't involved paying someone)??

We are going to have some fun this weekend, to be sure! Last night we went to Salerno's for pizza, and this evening my sister, Susan, and her boyfriend, Roger are joining us for a trip to watch the Kane County Cougars play ball! It should be fun evening, as it's not too hot today and is supposed to be in the upper 50's tonight.

Anyone having tips on reglazing windows, send them our way! We could use some helpful pointers if you have some!

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