Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to all of the Vet's out there!

Well, yesterday was my first day at UMC. I got lost every where I went, the computer classes were endless, and I'm not sure they knew what to do with me (or the other person on orientation with me) for sure. I did get my orientation schedule, which is less than ideal (the next 4 weekends, 12 hour shifts, 3 nights in a row) - and all in all, I resisted the urge to quit. I've never been a quitter, and I'm not starting now! They have a lot of new equipment (though a lot I'm familiar with), but that doesn't scare me. I did get to snoop through cupboards and see where they keep their supplies, etc. Always good to know when looking for a pacifier or more diapers. The differences between my old department and my new one are interesting. Things that they allow (which weren't allowed in Illinois), and things that they don't allow. In some ways they are 'strict' about some things - and very lax about others - the same as very up to date about some things, but behind the curve on others. I got to peek in on all of the babies, though. Such sweet little souls! So, while I was somewhat discouraged (and very vocal about it, as Dean will attest) when I got home yesterday - I know it will get better. I will be on night shift for the rest of my orientation. Fire up the coffee pot!

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