Saturday, November 8, 2008

No pics today!

Whew! We had a busy day today! We were up fairly early, for us, and I got busy cleaning stuff (kitty fountain was the first on the list). Yesterday we had gotten some new things for our bathroom (shower curtain, rugs, towels, etc.). While we had put up the new shower curtain, etc., we really needed to get in there and do a thorough cleaning - which was my second project for today. Included in that task was removing the old caulk and putting in new. I love caulk, but I hate messing with it. Since some of the cleaning was done while I had the caulk removed, once the new stuff is dried I will spend some time doing another (but less intense) cleaning of the tile. Like the Fox Valley area, Tucson water is full of minerals. CLR is my chemical of choice, and it never fails to work!

Dean helped with the cleaning, of course, as well as hanging a new towel rack in the bathroom and cleaning out the medicine cabinets. I should have been so industrious in St. Charles! He also made a batch of his "kick butt chili" today! It's great!!! We had some for dinner, before going to watch the U of A women's volleyball team play Stanford. The chili was great, the volleyball game was fun in spite of the Wildcats loss. After the game we both had a taste for ice cream and headed for "Cold Stone Creamery" before coming home.

It's been a full day! Tomorrow we will go shopping to get scrubs for me, for work. We also have made plans to go to the movies with our friends Nancy and Chris. We haven't gotten to see them since we've returned to Tucson, so it will be fun to meet up with them!

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