Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An exciting day for all!

What a day this has been! America is witnessing, probably, the most historically important election in it's history! No matter your party affiliation, you have to admit that today is a very important one. I would imagine that we'll hear (when all is tallied up) that there was a bigger turnout of voters than we have seen over the past several elections. There is a new wind blowing over the country tonight!

Today I went for my appointment at UMC. I had to fill out the usual paperwork in Nursing Administration, and then had my appointment at Employee Health where they did a basic health checkup. I will return to Employee Health on Thursday to have my TB test read (standard stuff) and get clearance from them. After that it will be on to Security to get my picture taken and my new name badge. All is in place for me to start work on Monday, November 10th (this coming Monday!) with taking a required computer class. They sent home a booklet of reading to do - with a test after the readings. Interestingly, they will pay me 2 1/2 hours of pay to read the booklet and take the test! I'm including a picture from the web, to show my new place of employment.

Dean also had his meeting at the Mirror Lab today. He will return to work, part time, on Monday as well! Here is a picture (again from the web) of the Mirror Lab. You will notice the man standing in the right margin. That's Dean! This picture must have been taken when he was working there, before! I can't help but think that they are very lucky to have his knowledge and expertise returning.

Tonight we 'celebrated' our new employment statuses by inviting our friend, Erica, to join us for pizza and brewski's at Zachary's. Zachary's has my favorite pizza, and it's always fun to go there. It was great to see Erica again! We had a lot of catching up to do since seeing her last in June, before we drove the van back to Illinois. Speaking of the van...we should be able to pick it up tomorrow afternoon sometime.

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Anonymous said...

You went to Zachs with Erica and didn't invite me? Pox on your children!

Love, Roger