Friday, November 7, 2008

Going into Friday

We haven't posted in a couple of days due to keeping busy getting things organized and stocked up around the house.

Dean's van repairs were completed, and the van picked up on Thursday. It was pretty pricey, but as he puts it, "It's better than a $500 a month car payment!" We spent Wednesday doing some shopping and running errands. They're necessary evils, to be sure.

Thursday I had my appointment to finish the hiring process at UMC. I am now 'cleared' for employment, having received my name badge and parking permit! I finally was able to get a tour of the NICU. It's huge! Everyone I met was very nice and welcoming, however. I will find out my schedule on Monday. I do know that I will be doing my orientation on day shift (7am-7:30pm) for 4-6 weeks. That means going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark. But, I'll have four days off per week. I can do that! I was relieved to see that much of the equipment that they use is the same that I have experience with. That takes away some of the anxiety! I was really impressed by how calm and relaxed everyone was. That comes with experience. I'm glad to see that I will have great resources and support available while I learn so many new things!

Friday I will get to attend my first TAAA (Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association) meeting! Dean has a life time membership after serving several years as president, but I have never attended one of the meetings. While the local astronomy club in Geneva has about 15 people showing up to their meetings, the TAAA has 300+ members - ususally 100+ or so showing up for the meetings! We'll see lots of familiar faces, of course, and are having dinner with friends John and Liz before the meeting.

Since I don't have any "new" pictures to post today, I'm posting pictures that I have taken on previous visits to Tucson. The mountains rarely change, so the pictures are still worth seeing! The last picture is actually a picture of Kitt Peak, the site of the National Obeservatory. Dean worked there when he first came to Tucson, in 1979. If you click and enlarge the picture, you can see the dome of the 4 meter telescope on the far right (40 miles away!), above the top of the cactus.

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