Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last Day of Freedom!

Both Melinda and I return to work tomorrow (Monday), though the Mirror Lab has yet to finish the paperwork for my return. But there is an opportunity to do an inspection of an issue with a mirror there, so I'll at least make an appearance.

After some chores around the house this morning, we did a movie with our Sunday movie buddies Nancy and Kris. We saw Clint Eastwood's latest directorial effort "The Changeling". We both liked it, but weren't excessively moved... Afterwards we went shopping for Melinda's work scrubs and found one place on the NW side to pick out a few changes of clothes.

Then we met Tom and Jennifer Polakis who brought fellow astronomer Chris Hanrahan down for his first Tucson visit. They were in town for an open house at Lunt Solar Systems, a telescope manufacturer here in Tucson for observing the sun. I've known the Polakis' for well over a decade and a Mirror Lab tour is standard procedure.We met them late in the afternoon - my ID card still got into the lab, so told them what I knew of the goings on there. And of course, it is also a tradition to include a trip to Zachary's pizza! Tom has an 8mm fisheye for the Canon cameras, and it was fun to try a couple shots. Jennifer and Tom gave us the greatest wedding gift - they made a donation to the church camp (whose grounds we live on) to sponsor a kid to attend for a week - so thoughtfull!

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