Thursday, November 20, 2008

End of an Era!

Last night was the last meeting of the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association (TAAA) volunteers who help collate, fold and label the monthly newsletter. This started something like 18 years ago just before I became TAAA president. At that time we had about 150 members, but were growing fast and with newsletter exchanges with other clubs and complementary issues to others, were printing about 300. Lately that number has grown to over 500 (more members!), though in recent years the printers collate the issues for us - we just fold and label, a task that still takes about 90 minutes for a crew of 8 or so.

So this is the last paper issue for mass mailing - we are going electronic! Members will be able to get the newsletter on line at the TAAA website and save mailing costs for the club. If they want to read it off paper they can print out their own and in color too!

We had a great set of volunteers too - a facet of the club that not many know about. Back in the early days, David and Elinor Levine would make the round trip from Green Valley to help out every month. It takes some special people to be there to help month after month, and thankfully we've had a good set of friends to make the task easier. Of course, there was a little reward - afterwards we would almost always go to a local eating establishment for socializing over dinner and adult beverages. Last night we celebrated the end of an era at Old Chicago on the way home. Melinda got to enjoy her first and last newsletter folding - she moved to Tucson just in time! Present in these pictures are Terresa Lappin, Gary Rosenbaum, John and Liz Kalas, Ellen Finney, Thom and Twila Peck and Dean and Melinda Ketelsen. Thanks all - past and present!

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