Saturday, November 29, 2008

Best Buy Incident

Ever have a store do the right thing, but leave you feeling guilty? With Electronic City filing for bankruptcy, the local choices for electronics gear is getting thinner. So much so that I braved "Black Friday" crowds at Best Buy yesterday to get a spare battery for my Canon XSi. I knew they sold the camera and unlike department stores, would likely sell batteries and a few accessories too.

Though crowded, there was a young staff person there who quickly ran off to fetch a battery for me (an aisle away from the cameras). I thanked her and asked her how much it was and she responded thirty-something dollars (all I remembered was the "3" in front, which was fine). Then we got in the long line for checkout, which moved quite rapidly, actually. However, after scanning the item 4 times, it evidently was not a recognizable inventory item, and we waited while a manager ran off for a new barcode. When she returned, the register said $54 for the battery. I mentioned to the manager that the staff person said it was less than that so we went on a hunt for that nice young lady who again, repeated for the manager that she had said $39. She was rewarded with a glare from her boss and I was only charged the $39, but hated to think I got someone in trouble. I offered to pay the correct price but was declined.

While I admire the store for only charging me the price I was quoted, I still feel bad that the young lady got "dressed down" for quoting an incorrect price on an obscure inventory item. Since the store is only a mile or so from the house, I'll definitely be spending more there...

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