Monday, November 17, 2008

Shout out to Aunt Maj!

Since Dean mentioned my two cats yesterday (and the keeping them in the yard issue) I spoke to my sister, Maj, last night. She is very partial to Annie and Atticus (maybe Annie a little more than Atty?). She was very concerned about them getting out, and even offered that if it was a problem that maybe they should come live with her in Illinois! A very generous offer, to say the least! She and her husband have two cats - Nicky and Bart (aka: the aircraft carrier, he's so huge!) and a Golden puppy, Jack. Two more cats in the mix would really round out the daily excitement there! So, to reassure Aunt Maj that her sweet little Annie and Atticus are healthy and having a great time, here are two pictures I took in the past few days! Atticus will follow Annie around and do anything she does, so if she's enjoying being outside - then he's happy to be out. Annie does watch out for Atty, to an extent. When he was outside the fence she hovered near the area where he was until he came in. They both seemed a little vexed by having the cat proof fence up last night - but they're happy and fine in the yard! So, Aunt Maj, this one's for you! Annie and Atty both send their love!

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