Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Pic Tuesday...

Dean is off at work, again, today...and I'm left to 'get into trouble'! Actually, I'm not getting into trouble - just setting up for some work to be done. Yesterday (during my errands) I decided to stop into one of the antique shops that I passed along the way. Dean and I have talked about the need to replace the table in the dining area (the current one is quite old and dated - and not necessarily in a good way). I described to him what I had in mind for the 'new' table, knowing it would take some shopping/browsing/nosing around to find "the one". I found it in the third antique shop that I hit yesterday! Think back and remember the old, round, oak pedestal table that your grandmother, or great aunt had in their dining room or kitchen. My family will immediately think of either Aunt Bert's house, or maybe Aunt Alta's house - and sister Maj has one in her kitchen as I write! I wanted one of those - not perfect, lots of character, but with leaves to accomodate more people when needed. Bingo! I found a great old table, solid oak, with the biggest (widest) leaf I had ever seen (it's a double leaf) - and the price was right where I wanted it to be. I wasn't sure if it would fit in the Jeep so I told them I would pick it up sometime in the next 5 days (when Dean and the van would be available). This morning I decided that it may just fit, if taken apart... And it does! I picked the table up, talked to the people at the shop about the best products to restore the finish (it could used some love), stopped at Ace Hardware to pick up those products, and now need to wait until Dean comes home to help me unload it from the Jeep. We currently only have two chairs that will work well with it, and I'm not opposed to mismatched chairs. That will be another day of searching (I refuse to pay big money, and enjoy going through resale and junque shops to find a treasure). Once we have the table in the house I'll have Dean take a picture to do a before and after shot. I'm hoping to have it in use by the weekend. In the mean time, I've developed a nice rapport with the people at the shop where I bought the table - good to have when looking for other pieces!

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