Monday, July 21, 2008

The Vist in Omaha

As promised, here are pictures from our visit in Omaha! We visited with our sister-in-law, Marsha (my brother's wife), niece Robyn, and nephew Tres! The five of us went to "Old Chicago" for dinner (we don't have "Old Chicago" in the Chicago area, oddly enough), and enjoyed having dinner together and visiting on Friday evening. Tres' girlfriend, Amber, wasn't able to join us; I missed the chance to see her this trip. After dinner, Tres had to go to work (he's a DJ and was working at a sushi bar that night) but Robyn came back to Marsha's with us. We sat out on the deck until after dark, talking and enjoying breathing the same air together. It was nice to have a happy meeting there, as our last time of sitting on the deck talking was after Dick's funeral.

Saturday, Robyn came over to Marsha's and the four of us went for the best deal in Chinese food I've ever seen! There's a little restaurant in Papillion, NE named "Mings". They have excellent food at 1960's prices! I think that will be my favorite restaurant there from now on! After lunch we went back to the house and just enjoyed sitting outside, and visiting some more. When you're with family you can't spend enough time in their presence. Every time I see them I try to memorize every feature, every mannerism, every little detail about them - in hopes that I will never forget those dear moments spent together. Robyn is a student of graphic arts, and a long time semi-professional photographer. She and Dean enjoyed "talking shop", and I think we have convinced her to join us for the Grand Canyon Star Party in '09! During the Star Party talk, Marsha popped up with "Maybe you'd like to have Dick's telescope!" I had no idea that Dick ever had a telescope! She has graciously given that to us. It's a very interesting little scope that is made of brass, with a built in brass tripod. There aren't any markings on it, to tell us who made it, and it makes me think that it was probably made as a nautical telescope - though Dick used it to look at the stars from time to time. It's quite decorative! I wish we had a clear night when we were there, so we could have taken a peek through it. Robyn was only able to visit with us until she had to leave for work, but we'll see her again, soon I hope!
Sunday morning, Marsha and I went through pictures of ours that I brought home with me. We also went through some other things that Dick had, and I brought home a couple of mementos that had belonged to our father, and Grandfather. Sometimes, when we are perhaps feeling a bit 'lost' in the world, it's nice to have tangible pieces of our history to touch and remind us that we are a part of time immemorial.
I have talked to Dean this morning! He called from Coon Rapids, IA. We have been there for the Iowa Star Party, so it's a 'favorite town' for us! He reports that they were all awakened at 2am by the local police - alerting the campers that severe weather was in the area and to take cover. The Toads went into the house of their hosts, and all watched the weather reports until 3am, when the storms had passed and they returned to their tents in the yard. No injuries or losses are reported. He said that he had trouble returning to sleep after that, so he was pretty tired when he called me. This is a long day for the riders, over 80 miles today, before reaching Jefferson, IA. I admire their drive to do this ride!
I think it's time for me to catch a bit of a nap, too. I was up much later than planned last night (I get used to having Dean here and then it's hard to sleep when he's not here), and have work to return to tonight! More later....

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