Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday RAGBRAI update!

I've just had an email with some pictures from Dean! Here's what he says about today's events:

"It was a cold, wet day for the riders - high was only 69 and rained off and on on them. So they were glad the 76 mile day was over. They said the stands selling cold drinks went with no customers, while those selling hot food and coffee had long lines. We are all camping in the yard tonight, hoping my setup will be warm enough. Wishing I brought long pants and long-sleeve t-shirt. Host Dean is lighting a fire right now, so will go join them!"

The pictures Dean has sent are of the dinner spread from the hosts, and two of the riders filling their plates.

Dean says that there is lasagna, salad, and "more brownies that you can shake a stick at"! I hope their weather improves. It won't be much fun dunking their front tires in the Mississippi on Saturday if they're still having rain! I will be talking to Dean tonight, yet.

I'm glad I took that nap last evening. The hospital had me go to work at 3am. It seems we're having a 'baby-boom' of sorts. Of course, in helping out, I've lost my night off for the week - and won't be off again until Saturday night. But, I was glad to help out. There are so many times when we need help at night, and it's hard to find people to come "join the party". Since I did get some sleep last night, I cut back the sleep today so that I could get some chores done around here this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow morning I will have to stay over, at work, to get recertified in the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP). Not fun, but required. It's always something, isn't it?

Wow, that lasagna sounds really good about now....wish I were in North Liberty to join them! Tomorrow they are nearing the end of RAGBRAI, and will be heading for Tipton, IA. During that portion of the trip they will pass through sister Kathy's town of Bennett! She will visit with Dean in Tipton after she gets off of work. That's an extra bonus! We haven't seen the family since we got married, so it will be fun to visit with them on Saturday when I pick Dean up!

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