Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home from the short trip...

I made it home from the weekend trip, this evening, about 9pm. It was a fast weekend, but I'm so glad we made the visit to Omaha. I haven't even downloaded pictures, yet, that will come tomorrow (I'm sleepy!). I delivered Dean to Missouri Valley in a timely fashion on Saturday evening, and his team was there and happy to see him! Counting us, there are three newlyweds in the group this year! Amazing! It was fun for me to see the ones who were at the camp when we arrived, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the Toads next Saturday when they arrive in Le Clair, on the banks of the Mississippi! There were some pretty big storms that swept through that area on Saturday night. Missouri Valley and all of the RAGBRAI folk were, fortunately, spared. I talked to Dean before he crawled in his tent that night and he said that there was a lot of lightening but no rain. Today, after leaving Omaha I stopped to have lunch with him in Harlan, IA - the first overnight stop for the ride. He said that they never did get any rain last night. Tonight he reports that the sky is clear and he could see Jupiter! I hope they have great weather all week, though I would imagine that they would enjoy a bit cooler and less humid weather.

I came home to four cats with bad attitudes. There didn't seem to be any major wounds on anyone, but they're all growling at each other. Hopefully it was just from being left in the house alone so much the past few days. The neighbor came in and fed them, of course - but I would imagine that she didn't get into the "kitty integration" thing with them much. It was a different 'pet sitter' this time, as their usual "Nanny" wasn't available this weekend. It should be a wild and furry week around here, with only me being the Ref for their squabbles!

Time for me to settle in, kick off the shoes, and get some sleep. The pictures will be downloaded and posted tomorrow!

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