Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update from RAGBRAI

I just talked to Dean before he turned off his phone for the night in Tama-Toledo, Iowa. He turns the phone off every night to conserve battery power. The Toads are staying in a communal camping/vacant lot tonight. That means porta-potties instead of regular bathrooms to use, and no private home shower to use. Tomorrow, however, they are going to North Liberty and will have a private yard to stay in - and hosts that are cooking for them! That is always a welcomed treat!

I have volunteered to be "on-call" for the hospital tonight, from 3am-7am. I'm now thinking that I must have had a very weak moment at work to have signed up for that slot! So rather than continue writing now, I think I will take a shower and then get a nap in case that they call me to come in to work.

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