Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday stuff

I haven't talked to Dean, yet, tonight - but have busily preparing for him to come home. It seems there is always laundry to finish up, or dishes to do! I think the cats are fixing food when I'm not home, and perhaps using more than their allotted number of towels.

I'm having trouble getting my weather program to load, but it seems that the last night/day of RAGBRAI could be looking at some rain. I hope it's nothing that will put a damper on everyone's fun!

Tomorrow will be a drive to Le Clair, IA to pick up Dean, and then onto Uncle John and Aunt Judy's for the reunion they have planned (due to their son and his family being home to visit from Boston).

As some of you know we have been very concerned with Carolyn's health this week, as she has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while in Kosovo on a mission trip. We are hearing encouraging news from there, however, and she will be transported via medi-vac to the American Hospital, in Paris, on Sunday. Her daughter and son-in-law will be leaving on Sunday, to join her in Paris. All continued prayers for her are greatly appreciated.

News on the cat front is that they seem to be doing better at getting along! Yahoo!! I actually saw Atticus give Marley a little kiss on the nose this morning! Marley is coming to the living room doorway to eat now (that is a great improvement on his part), and I haven't heard any low rumbling growls from anyone today! Sugar Pants is so easy going - he now climbs up on my lap when I'm on the computer and goes to sleep. He's also figured out that I'm the one with the control over the treats, and he really can put on a sad little face and cry when he wants to. It will be easier to give them all the attention that they need when Dean gets home. I think that they're all doing very well, and it hasn't even been a month yet!

I think I'll let Dean do the next post, when he gets home. I would guess you're getting tired of reading what I have to say for now!

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