Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Visit To Rookies

Melinda's day off, so we are treating ourselves to dinner at Rookies - likely our favorite sports bar in St Charles. There is a Cubs game tonight so we got there early, meeting our friend Carolyn before she heads out to Kosovo this weekend to help with a medical mission there.

Rookies is great - a true Chicago sports bar - sports pages are hung over the urinals so that even when "taking care of business" you can keep up with the Cubs and Sox. And a few times a year they have "Dollar Burgers" - a half pound burger for a buck. Granted, with fries and cheese its up to $3, but two of those and couple premium pints of beer and you are still out of there for less than $15 for two...

Anyhow, Dollar Burgers were here in May and June, so are gone for now (we thought it was our wedding they were celebrating!), but rumored to return in September. While I didn't make it to the gym for a workout, I had a good bike ride today, so had no guilt at all about a burger (w/barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese and jalapenos)and fries. Melinda went for a rack of ribs and a salad, and I had more than my share of a pitcher of "Rookies Red". YUM!

The Cubbies had fought to a 1-1 tie against theReds by the time we left - are up 4-1 while posting this from home. Those Cubs are hot!

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