Thursday, July 17, 2008

Off to Omaha and the start of RAGBRAI

No pictures to post tonight, though Dean was able to take some lovely photos of a deer he encountered on the bike trail today. Nope, instead, we are packing and getting ready to head out tomorrow morning! Tomorrow we will hit the road for Omaha, NE to spend a day visiting with sister-in-law Marsha, and niece Robyn (and maybe even nephew Tres). On the way we will stop in Iowa City to have lunch with one of Dean's friends there. On Saturday we will visit with the family a bit more before taking Dean to the starting town of RAGBRAI - Missouri Valley, IA - to join up with the Toddville Toads. He'll camp with them on Saturday night so that they can get an early start out of there on Sunday morning. I'll stay in Omaha one more night, visiting with Marsha and Robyn before returning to St. Charles on Sunday.

In preparation for this trip (we're taking the Jeep for this one) I needed to get the a/c fixed on the Jeep, as it hadn't worked for the past year. What was hoped to be a simple fix was (of course) anything but. Mucho dinero later, we have a cold car to drive this weekend. Car problems/repairs just frustrate me to no end. Frustrated or not, it was repair the car or get a new one. I opted to repair.

So, we're off in the early morning! I'll post more when I get home! Have a good weekend!

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