Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Heading Northeast...

Today's the day! Dean just went to get more water for the aquarium (just cleaned it and it needs to be refilled), and then we are ready to hit the road! Of course, he's still suffering with his cold (terrible cough), and being his "dutiful wife" I didn't want him to suffer alone. I started with the sore throat, slight fever, and cough last evening! It should be a great trip!

I think the kitties know "something is up", as Marley is hiding out somewhere. Sugarpants is snoozing on the couch, so he will be easy to corral into a carrier for the road. We'll get to see what it's like to travel with two cats in the van - which will prepare us for traveling with four cats in the van, come the end of October/beginning of November!

Our friends, Bill and Mary Loftquist, left yesterday for Iceland for a few months! I can't imagine what a trip that will be! We wish them safe travels!

Our last evening in Tucson included packing (of course), and then a visit to Valerie's house. I did a minor fix on her ceiling fixture in the dining room; then it was off to "On The Border" with Valerie, with Jane joining us there!

Our Jason is ready for 4 months of taking care of the cats and the house - with his girlfriend Anna returning from a trip to France last evening.

I'm thinking our next posting will be from the shores of the Fox River, when we arrive in St. Charles in a few days!

Happy July 4th everyone!

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