Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday's ramblings...

I picked Dean up from RAGBRAI on Saturday in Le Claire, IA. What a madhouse that place was! Imagine well over 10,000 bicycles making their way through this small town , on their way to the river to "dip a tire"! There was traffic everywhere, as the pickups for the riders were all converging there also! It seems that everyone enjoyed their week, but were glad that it was the last day - for now.

In order for us to drive to Clinton, we had to cross back over into Illinois and travel North on the East side of the river. We arrived at Uncle John and Aunt Judy's around 3pm, and had a great time visiting with Randy and family (he had run in the Bix run in Davenport that morning, along with his son - finishing the 7K in just under an hour - way to go Randy!). Kathy was able to make it to the party, as was brother Brian and niece Cejae; brother Jim and Karen, and Breanna and Brennan. It's always fun to see the family and get together! We only stayed until 6:30pm or so, as Dean was tired - I was way past tired - and we had a 2 1/2 hour drive home to look forward to. We arrived home around 9pm (by the time we stopped for gas, etc) and it was nice to get home and relax!

Sunday I caught up on my sleep, and then we went grocery shopping (normal everyday stuff). Today Dean mowed the lawn, and I did "camper check-in" for the last week of camp. Hard to believe that summer camp session is closing already!

Dean will be downloading his pics soon, and then he'll get back on here and share them. He has some great pics from the week, including pictures of some deer that they saw at the Coralville Reservoir during an evening boat excursion.

More later...!

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