Monday, September 8, 2008

The weekend and the end of a project...

Dean has brought it to my attention that we haven't blogged since last Thursday! As usual, however, we've been busy with projects - and now enjoying the Fall weather. Dean did the final window reglazing, for the sunroom, over the weekend! All total, that is 10 windows (with 5 panes each) that are done. That is half the house! And...we only had to replace 4 panes out of 50. I think that's pretty good considering it's our first time doing this type of job!

Dean told the story of me grouting the slate in front of the fireplace - however he neglected to say that I did it barehanded, by hand (no grout floats or tools involved). The downside of doing it that way was that I ended up abrading my fingertips to the point of making them raw from the sand in the grout, as well as the running my fingers along the sharp edges of the slate. I won't do that again, not without gloves on. I spent two nights of work with 6 of 10 fingers in bandaids! However, in the past two days we have finished the hearth project! I finished cleaning the tiles on Sunday, and then put the final coat of sealer on them. The sealer looks suspiciously like milk so I made sure the kitties weren't hanging around too much while painting it on. We gave that a day to dry, and today we cut and fitted the carpet - secured it down - and it was done! I really like how it looks!

Over the weekend we went for a nice walk on the trails through the woods near the river. We stopped at the forest preserve's visitor center to see if there was anything new to watch for in the woods (we did find a big tree down in the woods, from our effects of Gustav). The visitor center was a Prohibition Era dance hall, in it's original life, and is fun to visit! They have a beautiful protected area on the backside of the building, with a picture window overlooking that area. They have several bird feeders there, as well as flowers to attract birds, butterflies, and bees. Dean patiently waited, and got a picture of a sweet little Nuthatch at one of the feeders. They move so fast, and are at the feeders for just a few seconds, so he had to be on the ready in order to get a series of pictures of one there. I especially liked this picture, as it shows exactly why we're always having to refill the feeders!

It was a short weekend for me, but we managed to get in a lot of activity during that one day off!

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