Saturday, September 20, 2008

Barn Sale!

For months now, this weekend has been on our schedule - the Saint Peter's barn Sale! No, we are not in the market for barns, but rather, it is one of the shopping highlights of the year. All donations of goods (furniture, TVs, appliances, clothes, books - you name it) that have been donated to the catholic church is moved to the Kane County fairgrounds and priced to move! Last year, Melinda had seen a brand new washer-drier set for $50, so we were looking to upgrade our appliances with something like that, as well as a refrigerator and electric stove if available. The sale starts at 9am and Melinda worked till 7:30, but she wanted me in line before that. I met Melinda's sister Maj just after 7am and were relatively early in the line. The pictures show Melinda and Maj enjoying a little caffeine in the front of the line, and some of the lines forming just before sales started. The line to get in for furniture and appliances was well over 50 meters long behind us!

Alas, there were no refrigerators, only one well-used electric stove, and the washer-drier sets were also well used, so nothing from our must-have list was available, but still interesting housewares and antique items to look thru. We got another cat carrier for $5, some Tupperware items, and I got a golf driver for $2 (probably the weakest part of my game, though haven't played in years with the paralysis in my left hand - will see if I can still swing a club). The big-ticket item Melinda got was a 3-speed bike for $40 that she plans to bring to Tucson. All in all, a few hour's worth of entertainment and a car full of knick-knacks all for under $70.

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