Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Signs of Fall...

It has been a great summer in the Chicago area. Conversations with friends in Tucson usually lean towards "Yea, it is hot here, but I wouldn't be able to stand the Midwest humidity". While it can get nasty, like I said last week, our high temperature for the entire summer has been 93F on 2 occasions, and it has been in the 70s a lot! The last few nights have fallen into the mid 40s, and we admit it, we've been using the furnace since Monday nite!

There are other signs of fall too - of course, the sun sets an hour and a half earlier than a month ago, and I've already mentioned how some of the trees near here have started turning too. At this point, only maples and some of the bushy undergrowth plants have started to change, but there is the start of color. Nearly each walk down the bike path along the Fox River reveals a few more signs of foliage or wildlife changes. I mentioned to the Forest Preserve staff I've not seen any orioles lately - "gone south" was their reply... Then a few days ago suddenly we had flocks of Canadian Geese feeding on the grounds here. I haven't seen this much geese activity since 2 years ago when you couldn't walk across the yard without them taking flight. You can here them flying too, calling to the groups on the ground as they gather to fatten up before heading south. Tucson really doesn't have seasons other than "dry", "winter rainy" and "summer rainy", so I'm looking forward to taking in all the changes here as fall arrives!

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