Thursday, September 18, 2008

One step closer...

The past couple of days has brought me one step closer to being ready to make our Fall move to Tucson. I sent off my application for an Arizona Nursing license yesterday (first time I've had to do that!). The process seems like it should be pretty easy, except there are very specific instructions about how to fill out the form and how to attach required attachments (including how to tape things down, when to use a stapler, etc). While reading the 10 pages of instructions (seriously!) I kept envisioning a Nurse Ratched character staring at me, saying, "Wrong order of papers! No license for you!" They require, additionally, a form filled out by the Illinois license people that includes my State Board test scores from 1979! I am just anxious enough about this to go through my papers - find my original letter saying I passed the exams - and check to see if my test scores were "high enough"! Of course, they were, but the mere fact that this process is causing me to do this - 30 years after the fact - tells a lot! After double checking all parts of all forms that I filled out - and enclosing the checks for fees - I now have to wait to receive a fingerprint card from Arizona. That will be the next step in securing the license. I think that means that I should be careful not to sand my fingerprints off during continued house projects, between now and then! Since the license project is underway - I can now turn my attention to "job search". I have filled out an online application for a traveling Nurse agency, and have heard back from them already (literally about 10 minutes after submitting the online application). I would imagine that I'll be talking to them today sometime, on the phone. I heard about this agency from a couple of different Nurses, and thought it would be a good place to start. We'll see what they say! Ever since I graduated from Nursing school (way back in '78) people have said to me, "Oh! You can get a job anywhere!" We'll see if that holds true! I've worked at the same hospital, in the same department, since the day after I graduated from Nursing school! Needless to say, leaving the hospital is a lot like leaving home - but something that I'm ready for.

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StrawBoss said...

Hi, Just found your blog by happenstance and love your description of the the AZ BON! Once you have your license, you'll never hear from them again, even if you want to. I don't think it (they) really exists!
I graduated from nursing school in '78 and am still working (L&D, Mother/Baby)but have changed venues many times.
Hope you're enjoying your new job!