Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Johnsons 'Round Here!

Over a year ago, in a burst of creativity, Melinda decorated and installed her new mailbox with an astronomical theme. Returning from the Grand Canyon Star Party, she used planets and stars, as well as some terrestrial landmarks and telescope outlines as well. Interestingly, since it's installation, the mailman always gently stands the mail leaning to one side, as if approving of the change...

Anyway, with the coming nuptials, she had used the hyphenated version with her maiden name, but now, with the wedding behind us, and her driver's and nursing licenses changed to her married name, it was time to change the mailbox as well. So yesterday the artist modified her piece, and will allow it to bake in the sun for a day or two to add some glossier paint and some stars to match the rest of the mailbox.

One note - the astronomers among you may notice the "coathanger" asterism near the trees in the lower left. This pattern is seen in the sky in binoculars near the base of the northern cross in the constellation Vulpecula.

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